For the past 4 years Zach has been collaborating with Reeps One to develop & perform the Organic Electronics & Reeps Vision shows. These shows have integrated Reeps One visual art, original created video content and the Visualizing Vibrations sculpture into his live performances. Over the last few years these shows have been performed at the Royal Albert Hall Elgar Room, Jazz Café, The Forum, Bangface and headlined The Human Beatbox Festival in Dijon France to name a few. Zach also helped to develop the “The Voice of Yeff” show with Reeps One, which was successfully premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where it received a 5 star review. video here

Reeps One presents his second major exhibition ‘Late Nights Early Mornings’ at House of Vans London.  Zach will be performing live at 8pm on the 27th of August in the cinema room.