Master & Dynamic, who have created the best headphones I have ever listened to, have written an article about my Visualizing Vibrations Sculpture which you can read here.

Long time collaborator of Guerilla Science, Zach Kopciak has written a blog about the diverse GS programme of events at Figment Festival including my work here.

Lucy Anna Howson wrote an article about my talk on the 27th of March for Nourishment presented by Roots & Wings in Hull, England (one of my favourite places on Earth) that you can check out here.  There was also a nice video made about my talk at Nourishment by flygirl films.

A friend of mine Zoe Cormier, who wrote an amazing book titled Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll that you should definitely read, also did a little article for WIRED magazine with me on how to visualize your music at home you can have a read of here.

James McKenzie-Blyth wrote a great article about my work for which you can check out here. There is also a great video made by filmmaker Chris Turner that compliments the article.